De-caking your supplements


Dear friends,

I am sharing something practical this week with all of you. Not sure if you guys who use supplements have ever encountered this problem but I will always have supplements, especially pre-workout turning into a solid cake! This happens when supplements absorb too much moisture. Usually, I will start to have crumbs forming when my supplement is almost finishing up. This does not usually bother me as the supplement is going to finish up anyway.

However, recently I bought one supplement and to my surprise,  the whole tub is one giant cake! I tried to scoop the supplement for about a week and it got more frustrating as I felt I am as though scooping ice cream from a frozen ice cream tub.

I googled to read up what other people do with such problem. I read online that they put the supplement cakes into a food processor and blend the supplement into powder again.


Although the supplement is blended into powder, I felt there is already moisture in the supplement and I thought a way to remove the moisture from the supplement would be using a dehydrator. I made small aluminium foil trays and spread the supplement out. Midway through the dehydrating process, I break up the powder as they start to stick together under the heat. It’s easy to break them up at this point as compared to the caking form.


After dehydrating, my supplement did not crumb up until it was used up! (not perfect, but at least there are no huge crumbs forming)




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