Crispy Chicken Rendang Low Carb Burger

Greeting my friends!

As you have voted again, this is my recipe for the famous Crispy Chicken Rendang. I was inspired by the recent Masterchef UK competition.


Following that incident, many people came out with their own recipe of the crispy chicken rendang or cheeky advisement on that.

In order to make a authentic crispy chicken rendang, you would first need to have tender and soft chicken rendang. Following that, carefully batter the tender chicken rendang and then air fried it till crisp.

My dear friends from Share Food Singapore adapted my recipe and created a very good video on how to prepare my crispy chicken rendang. Have a look at the video:

I decided to make a healthy low carb crispy chicken rendang burger. My inspiration was from Carl’s Jr Low Carb burger. I would usually order that when I want to have a delicious grilled beef burger and yet feel less guilty after eating!

I battered my Crispy Chicken Rendang with an additional layer of breadcrumb to make sure it is really crispy. My Low Carb burger tasted really awesome and it has less the guilt!

To prepare my low carb burger, you will need the following additional ingredients:

Big Lettuce leaves

Tomato (cut into slices)

Cucumber (cut into slices)

Low-fat cheese

Sambal chilli with peanuts

Chicken rendang sauce (from the chicken rendang you have made)

Here’s a simple GIF I have made to explain how I assemble my low carb crispy chicken rendang.



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