Honeydew Protein Breakfast

Greeting my friends

This week, I want to share with you on how you can make a delicious and yet nutritious breakfast.

This recipe is very easy to prepare but just need a bit of effort for the decorations.

Before explaining the recipe, let me share with you on some of the nutritious value of these ingredients I am using.

Rock Melon:

It is high in beta-carotene (this is the orange pigment that gives the rockmelon the colour), which is a precursor to Vitamin A. Vitamin A actually helps decrease inflammation, lower risk of cancer, heart disease and cataracts!

Rolled Oats:

It is high in fibre. This helps to lower cholesterol and may lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Cacao Nibs:

It is the best source of magnesium. Magnesium helps maintain our muscle and nerve function.

Chia seeds:

It is high in omega 3 and protects the heart by lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and inflammation.

Guess it is rather mind blowing when you get to know how nutritious and beneficial these ingredients are for your health! Again, remember just because they are nutritious does not mean that you should eat them in excessive as well! A balanced diet is more important.


Now, let’s go into making your healthy breakfast bowl! I rank the difficulty of making this breakfast as 2 biceps out of 5.


1 Rock Melon cut half

1 cup of rolled oats

1 serving of honeydew flavoured whey (I bought from LushProtein. You can use other flavours you like as well)

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon of cacao nibs

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds


1. Scoop out all the flesh of the Rockmelon using a metal scoop to make little round balls of rockmelon. Keep the rockmelon bowl.

2. Keep a few of the round rockmelon balls and cut the rest of the rockmelon fresh into small chunks.

3. Mix a cup of Greek yoghurt, whey protein and rolled oats.

4. Put two spoons of rolled oat mixture into the empty rock melon bowl.

5. Put a layer of rock melon fresh into the bowl and add the rest of the rolled oat mixture

6. Decorate the top with the rockmelon balls, cacao nibs and chia seeds.

7. Put in the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to soak in.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or glass of fresh juice with your healthy breakfast bowl.

Till next time, lift heavy and eat smart.


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