Matcha Protein Okonomiyaki 

Greetings my friends! This week, I will be sharing with you a Japanese influenced savoury meal – Okonomiyaki. I added matcha whey protein to increase protein profile. It is not difficult to make this delicious dish.  This is almost just like making a pancake but you add chopped cabbage and carrot into the pancake batter….

Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips Protein Cookie

It’s me again!  Here’s a delicious recipes for making chewy peanut butter chocolate chips protein cookies. These cookies are so yummy that even Cookie Monster would go crazy over them!  Fresh protein cookies are the best for fellow lifters who want a delicious quick afternoon snack or a light post workout meal.  The difficulty in…

How to Make Protein Pancakes Fluffy

I am sure many of us who had tried making protein-based snacks would know that whey protein tends to make your snack a bit drier and firmer after baking it, unfortunately. There are various methods you can use to make sure that your protein snacks retain the moisture: such as adding fruits into the mix….