Avocado Matcha Protein Ice Cream 

Hope you have been lifting and cooking well, my friends.

Today I shall share with you how to make a homemade avocado matcha protein ice cream which is a healthier alternative to the usual ice cream brought outside.


The taste is as good as (if not even better) than those commercially made ones. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

This is an excellent dessert to serve to your guests. I will share again on homemade Churros protein cups where you can serve the ice cream in.

I rank the difficulty in making this dessert as 3 biceps out of 5.


Ingredients needed

1. 2 ripe avocados (They should be deep brown colour and not green) 

2. 10 serving of Matcha flavoured whey protein (I used Lushprotein Matcha here. Alternative is to add matcha powder and vanilla whey)

3. 200ml of almond milk

4. 100ml of fat free condensed milk 

5. 300ml of light thickened cream 

6. Chocolates! (I used protein brownies and protein cereals) 

Let’s start!
1. Cut your avocado and put them in the food processor.

2. Add in Matcha Whey and almond milk into a shaker bottle to mix before pouring into the food processor.

3. Pour the condensed milk into the mixture.

4. Whipped the thickened cream until it reached its peak before add the matcha mixture.

5. Gently fold the mixture until it is consistent.

6. Prepare a baking mould and pour a thin layer of matcha mixture.
7. Add chunks of your favourite chocolate surprise 😉

8. Pour in another layer of matcha mixture and repeat with the chocolate chunks.

9. Repeat until the mould is filled up.

10. Freeze for at least 6 hours or harden.

11. Leave it out for about 15 minutes to allow the ice cream to soften a bit before scooping them out.

I serve my homemade ice cream in a Churros Protein Cup (which I will share this next time on my blog, so watch this space!)

Till next time, keep lifting and eat healthy!


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