Rainbow Cashew Cake


Here’s an interesting idea for a delicious and colourful protein snack by making a rainbow to brighten things up.

By using food colouring in your snacks, you can make them more interesting than your typical protein treats. If you want to be more natural and organic you can use natural food colouring. I use normal food colouring that are sold in the supermarkets. 😜

I give this protein snack 2 biceps out of 5.

Steps to making a Rainbow Cashew Cake

1. Soak 400g of cashew nuts in water overnight.

2. Drain the nuts and put them in a food processor. Blend till it becomes a consistent paste.

3. Add unflavoured whey or casein protein into the cashew paste and divide into 6 equal portions.

4. To each portion, add about two drops of different food colouring (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple). 🌈

5. Now it’s time to form your rainbow cake. This is the challenging part which needs patience. First, you will need to spread the purple cashew paste onto your cake mould. I used a 5″ cake mould for this.

6. Put the cake into the freezer for about an hour or until the layer has hardened. Next, take the blue cashew paste and spread it on top of the purple layer. Put the cake mould back into the freezer for another hour or until it has hardened.

7. Repeat this for the remaining 4 colours. Continue with green then yellow then orange and finally red to form your rainbow.

8. Make sure the layers have hardened before you spread the next layer on top. If the layer is not hard enough, you will not have the distinct 6 colours for your rainbow cashew cake. So patience, patience, patience is the key!

9. After the final layer has hardened, carefully remove your rainbow cake from the mould.

10. You can serve your rainbow cashew cake as it is. But I melted sugarless white chocolate and coated the whole cake. This will surprise your friends when they slice your cake open and the rainbow is revealed. 🌈

This is guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day!!!




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