Lunch with Sports Model Photographer, Mave L. Hsiun


Recently, we invited Sports Model Photographer, Mave L. Hsiun, and some friends over for a special vegan lunch.

Group photo with Mave L. Hsiun in the middle 

Yes, that’s right—vegan. I was informed beforehand that some of the guests are vegan, so I was prepared. Since I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian, this was a first for me. I admit, it was quite fun and interesting to come up with an entirely vegan lunch. I’m glad to say that it was a success!

First, allow me to briefly explain for those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘vegan’.

Being a vegan means to completely avoid all animal meat and animal by-products in one’s diet: aside from all animal meat, vegans also avoid eggs, dairy, honey and such. Vegans will also even avoid buying or using animal-based products such as items made out of or consisting of leather, wool, silk, feathers, and so on.

Some of you may think that being vegan would mean that one is likely to look physically frail and scrawny as a result of not eating enough protein without meat or eggs. Actually, there are many bodybuilders and powerlifters of both genders who are vegan or vegetarians. Personally, I know two fitness friends who are vegan and vegetarian. 

On the left, Sil Visser and right, Irawan Johan. (@sil.visser.official and @irawanjohan)

So, what did I make for the special vegan lunch that day?

Cook2Gym’s All-Vegan Lunch Special

Starter: Fresh Bell-pepper Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Mains: BBQ “Pulled Pork” (made from jackfruit!); Curried Chick Peas & Cauliflower Quinoa Pilaf

Dessert: Avocado & Coconut Milk Marbled Chocolate Tart

(I’ll share the recipes in a post, soon!)

During lunch, we got to chat a little with Mave.

Since we’re both in the fitness scene, we were keen hear what Mave personally thinks about the whole ‘eating healthy’ habit and lifestyle.

“Mave, you’re very active in fitness industry as a professional photographer. You’ve worked with many fitness models and I’m sure you have to deal with their various dieting limitations, timelines, and such.”
“Have you ever done a shoot with any fitness model or met any fitness model who is vegan? If so, you were surprised at how good they looked?”

Yes, I’ve shot Thara Begum Yeo before. She is a Vegan fitness bodybuilder.

“What is your personal view on eating healthily?”

I believe in eating smaller meals, so that you are only feeling about 70% full. I also subscribe to eating more green vegetables, or even going vegetarian.


*meme for joke but this diet it’s seriously beneficial 

“What do you think is the biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy diet?”

Basically, I am not a sophisticated foodie aside from my indulgence for chocolate (laughs). I am not really crazy about fine dining, but I do enjoy delicious food!

“You’ve told me that you follow a vegan diet sometimes. What was the tastiest vegan dish you had?”

I should say it’s more ‘vegetarian food’ than actual vegan food. I love this restaurant called Original Sin at Holland Village. I love salads in general — in fact, a salad can be the main item of my meals. Can you believe that I can survive only on greens?

“In your personal opinion, what are the benefits of having a vegan diet?”

My digestive system has not been good since I was young, but after having more vegetarian food, my digestive system has strengthened and I am much healthier now, too.
“Thanks for your time Mave! It was a pleasure having you and your friends over!”

You can follow Mave L. Hsiun and check out his wonderful photography on his Instagram:

His Facebook Page:


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