Lunch with WFF Pro Mario Zwingmann 

We recently invited my friend Mario Zwingmann and his family over for lunch. Mario Zwingmann happens to be also a WFF (World Fitness Federation) Pro athlete. Mario clinched the prestigious gold medal for his category on his recent Australia WFF Asia Pacific Championship. A big hearty congratulations to him!

To kick off the lunch, we served everyone some Pan-Fried Salmon Fruit Salad.

The main dish was Baked Chicken Breast Stuffed with Goat Cheese & Garlic served with Roasted Greens (recipe will be shared soon!)

Finally, for dessert – my Signature Moist Protein Cake!

It was a pleasure having them over and meeting his lovely and supportive wife. His two children are simply adorable!

During lunch, we chatted about bodybuilding and balancing our daily lives with the sport as well as “prepping” for competitions. Here are some of the questions we asked our friend, Mario.

Was it difficult for you and your family when you decided to compete and prepare for (bodybuilding) competitions?

Difficult? Not quite, although I had a cold start for my first competition (last November 2015). I had about 1 week to prepare! It’s was simply to experience the stage for my first time. Since then I competed in 3 more competitions, and managed to improve with each competition. I am targeting to improve again with my next, which is the Mr. Universe in Orlando, Florida on 11 June 2016.

I’m lucky, to have a wife who’s supportive to me. The dieting and weekend workouts take away some of our family time and the meals separate me from the dinner table, as I am required to “eat clean” while the family enjoyed their feast. 

What is your daily diet usually like? Do you count your macros?  

I usually eat very clean during the week and allow myself a cheat meal during the weekends; it is either a cheat lunch or a cheat dinner. But take note, I only have my cheat meal after workout (haha). 


An example of a meal that I would consider clean is that I eat two bowls of cereal/all sorts of cornflakes or bread and just one bowl cornflakes. 

I eat eggs only 2 to 3 times a week, and get my morning Protein from whey protein shake – it’s simply faster, when having to rush out of the house for the day.

I do not weigh my food but I take reference using bowl size. 

What do you eat when eating out with your family or friends? What is your best recommendation for eating out? You’ve been in Singapore for quite a few years; what is your favourite Singaporean dish for a cheat meal?  

Personally, I love Italian food in particular those with beef or seafood. I also love eating out at Chinese and Thai restaurant , but I try to eat as clean as possible like having Thai beef salad.

When it comes to cheating, I go heavy, such as German food like Schnitzel and even sausages.

My favourite local favourite food would be Dim Sum like Xiao Long Bao (I heard they are famous in Hong Kong and Shanghai) however, if I need to choose a Singaporean dish, it would be Chicken Rice!

Do you have a sweet tooth? What is your favourite indulgence?

I love sweets over all! First would be Ice Cream, followed by more chocolate mousse and all sorts of chocolate like Swiss Chocolate and I almost forgot about cakes …. yummy!

What is your advice to people looking to start a diet plan to lose weight?

My best advice for diet would be to break the habits. Habits and the convenience let us choose easy accessible food which is more often than not unhealthy. Work on changing these habits and start with one or two healthier meals, perhaps low carbs diet for weight loss. Slowly we can develop the new habit – eating healthier and more balanced diet. 

As a father of two, are you also particular about your children’s diet? 

My kids eat even healthier most of the time, thanks to my lovely wife. She is most concerned about having the right nutrition. This means, having home cooked just for them. Our helper has to learnt how to cook and prepare healthy meals for the children. With them around, I do not need to worry about my children’s diet at all. 

Mario Zwingmann will be taking part in WFF Universe 2016 which will be held on 11 June 2016 in Florida, USA. He will surely rock the stage! All the best to him!

You can follow his updates on his Instagram:
And also through his Facebook page:


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